Married to Medicine

Married to Medicine

Friday, April 3, 2015

GIVEAWAY! Persnickety and Sweet Honey fanatics, meet Nani Kalani!

**Use the code Boston1 for FREE shipping!!**

Do frustrations with the available to-die-for brands leave you daydreaming about creating your own boutiquey kids' clothing?  If your wish list would include:

  • Ultra high-end fabric
  • Persnickety and/or Sweet Honey style (old-fashioned dreamy meets edgy)
  • Wearable!  Meaning, for kids:  Playable.
  • and the kicker... you thought this was a long-shot, I know:  Affordable :)

Then you have got to check out Nani Kalani.

Melissa Desmond, the owner and creator of NK, started NK out of her home just last spring; their first dress launched last year.  Inspired by her daughter Kalani ("Nani" means "beautiful"), Melissa followed in her mother and grandmother's footsteps and began sewing what she wanted to see her daughter in.  The result?  No end of people wanting to know where she shopped.  When her husband suffered a serious motorcycle accident in 2013, they decided they could no longer wait to take chances on their dreams.

Today, Melissa and a slowly growing team of local ladies work tirelessly in what was her formal dining room.  Joy and camaraderie are part and parcel in the creation of each unique, whimsical fashion.  Dresses are released twice a month on Tuesdays at 8:00 pm EST; the next release will be the dress shown on my daughter below, this Tuesday!  In the meantime, we will be giving away a voucher to one lucky lady who will get to select a NK dress of her choice.  To enter the giveaway, follow these steps:

(1) "Like" my blog's Facebook page on Facebook (click here to do so), if you haven't already.
(2) The giveaway will be the at the top of the page; to enter, comment on the post with your favorite item shown on Nani Kalani's Website.

Just for fun, "Like" Nani Kalani's FB page too and try to name the new dress - click here!

That's it!  I'm so pleased I could introduce you to this up and coming brand if you're not yet familiar :)

This gorgeous but playable woodland fairy themed dress will load this Tuesday at 8:00 pm EST.

The richness of the fabric and the attention to detail are what make NK - who doesn't swoon over a double-ruffle hem?
Unique flourishes too; look carefully above, this dress ties on the side :)
My little woodland fairy.  

A few of my other NK faves:

The namesake herself - soooooo darling.

This loaded last fall... hoping for something similar this fall!

Those.  Sleeves.  !!!!!!!

So unique.  Love the square button.

Perfect colors for summer - love this one.

Love how the stripes subtly hint at the 4th of July - perfect for the 4th, but still great any other summer day.

This one reminds me of Sweet Honey - but maybe with a hint of tang ;)

It's that upper neckline ruffle that gets me here.

And some leggings.  Love these.
** Use the code Boston1 for free shipping!! **

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