Married to Medicine

Married to Medicine

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Three Great Baby Clothes Deals!


Just a brief entry to detail three fantastic deals on designer baby duds (these sites also feature designer brands for adults if you're more sane about how you spend your money).  Working on something much meatier and more medical to be released soon.

(1)  One of my three favorite flash-sale websites, GILT, is running a promotion.  If you sign through my link you'll get $25 off your purchase of $50 or more, good for the next 14 days (so sorry; this used to say 6 months - please see my updated entry on this).  GILT is free and it features dramatically discounted high-end brands, so getting $25 off $50+ enables you to get a pretty amazing deal, especially if you later resell on Ebay (check out my "Ten Tips" for doing so); the $25 should show up when you go to "check out" - if you've already signed up but not yet ordered, you can get it by re-signing with a different email address.

Below are two dresses I got off GILT for Claire; $45 on GILT but a list price of $90.  ALSO once you sign up, you can send your own referral link to friends and they will also get the $25, and you will get a $25 credit when they place their first order.  Not sure how long this will run for because it's pretty amazing!  Right now, Tea Collection, HALO, Aden + Anais, and Nui Organics are available!  

"Petticoat Dress" by luxe Swedish brand Llum… it's even more gorgeous in person.

Which is why I got both colors.  Different ages at least.
Maybe they should call it "GUILT."

(2)  Hanna Andersson is coming up on Zulily TOMORROW (Tuesday 3/18)!

(3)  Nothing great is on MyHabit as I'm updating; they just got done with a sale that included See Kai  Run and Kai.  But in case you're not familiar, MyHabit is just like Zulily - free membership, daily sales - but it's owned by Amazon so the shipping is FAST and FREE!  They sell out fast so keep an eye out - MyHabit sales start at noon out here in Boston.

My favorite MyHabit purchase to date.
Gorgeous $200 Italian boots by Ciao Bimbi.  Just $53 when this brand is featured on MyHabit.

Happy shopping!


  1. I almost want to hate you but I just got a dry clean only dress for my daughter off of My Habit. It was just so amazing and the event was ending in the morning. I will just have to be super careful when she wears it to church.

    1. Aaaaah awesome! They're only this little once, you have to enjoy it and celebrate it!