Married to Medicine

Married to Medicine

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Summary of Summer

As summer draws to a close and I get excited for my very favorite time of year (autumn through Christmas) a little documentation of what we've been up to and the memories we've made this summer:

Lots of time spent at beaches.

My little sea turtle.
I finally feel I've hit my Boston groove - after three years spent denying that such a thing could possibly exist for the young-kids-no-family-here-no-money crowd.  Lately I've found that instead of wondering how to fill the time, I wonder how I'll find the time to do everything we want to do.  Some of our local faves:
  • The Arlington Reservoir ("The Res").  Big thanks to Sarah for getting us into this.  Practically walking distance it's a beautiful, gradual, chlorinated beach that's perfect for post-naptime fun.  Matthew's fave.
  • Various splash parks.  Thanks to Jen, Tammy, and Sarah for introducing me to some free but super fun places and providing excellent company for me and sweet playmates for Matthew.
  • Gold's Gym.  Once Matthew was weaned and (finally!) sleeping through the night, I began going to the gym regularly, and Matthew loves the play room.  
  • Children's Museum, Science Museum, and The Aquarium.  Best way to do these is to all get an annual pass to one place and take friends as guests.
  • Wilson Farm.  I can hardly believe how rarely I get there for produce since we're so busy with everything else!
Splash Park + Ice Cream Truck = Sticky Summer Bliss
Throwing stones with Alex and Chase.
Belmont Splash Park.
We've hardly had time for our staples, like our morning walk on the bike path to Starbucks and the park.  I can't seem to get to Costco or the mall, either - it's hard enough to find a morning or afternoon for groceries!

Speaking of those mom friends, I've loved the time I've spent with Sarah, Jen, and Tammy and their kids.  I am so thankful for their friendships.  For so long here I wondered if I'd ever feel at home and I finally do and I owe so much of that to the comfort level I have with these ladies that only comes from time and shared memories.

What else is new?  Mark started fellowship at Dana-Farber.  This has brought many changes.  Notably:
  • Relief that residency is over.  Mark's hours are still pretty bad but it's great knowing this is the final stretch. 
  • Lots of thinking about cancer.  Lots of hearing sad stories.  Dana-Farber is one of the top cancer institutes in the world and most of Mark's patients are coming in for second or third opinions.  That usually means very difficult situations.  I don't know how he does it; I couldn't.
  • Crazy schedule.  Baby gets to see Daddy maybe twice a week if I generally keep him up until 9:30 p.m.  So baby generally sleeps in until 9-10 and naps anywhere from 1:00/2:00 until 5:00 pm or later.  This makes playdates hard but it's well worth the father-son time we earn!
  • Some really great weekend time with Mark, at least until he's allowed to moonlight again.  Blueberry picking at Parlee Farms, church at Highrock Covenant, and even a jaunt up to Maine.
Blueberry Loot.

My berry-picker.
Hiking in Maine.



Little Hiker.

World at their feet.

My Olaf boys at a restaurant in Maine.  Lobster rolls and blueberry pie!
Pregnancy.  I have 8 weeks to go and I look ready to pop.  I'm sure this will be another big baby and I can't deny I'm terrified after the traumatic delivery and recovery I had delivering all 9 lbs 10 ounces of Matthew and his 99th (sometimes 100th) percentile head.

Thanks to Mark I've been reading all the real medical journals on macrosomia (the medical term for "having a really big baby" which is defined as a baby 9 lb 4 oz or more... Matthew beat that by half a pound).  I've learned that having a macrosomic baby doubles your chance of a c-section.  At this point I think I'm more afraid of repeating Matthew's vaginal-but-barely delivery.  

17 Weeks
27 Weeks
Cape Cod.  I am thrilled that my parents, brother, and sister-in-law came out here to visit us.  My parents generously rented a house on Cape Cod that comfortably held all 6 of us (Mark couldn't go, but Matthew counts) and we had a wonderful time.  The house is walking distance to a gorgeous, gradual ocean beach with soft sand, PERFECT water temperature, and fun-but-not-scary waves.  On the way to the beach is a homemade ice cream shop, an adorable little cafe with house-made cinnamon rolls and breakfast sandwiches, and a "general store" serving amazing sandwiches.  The town (Falmouth) is adorable and good for a nice ladies' afternoon of shopping.  Plymouth made a great day trip with its fascinating "Pilgrim Hall" museum and a replica of The Mayflower.  Lobster rolls and creamery ice cream were had.  I cannot think of a better way to experience this region.

Chappy Beach.

Stretching with Grandpa.

Quintessential Cape Cod on our walk to the beach - ice cream shop and cafe.

Grandfather and grandson.

Fun with Uncle Jeff.

Brave li'l man.

Not even a Momma's Boy... a Nonna's boy.
Hillary.  Though her presence in town was brief this summer, my best friend returned to the area and we were able to get our babies together several times.  She threw me the best baby "sprinkle" a girl could ask for.

With Hillary's Annabelle (and my Claire, though I didn't know it at the time!) in Boston.
So there it is.  A really great summer.  As autumn approaches I know that still more changes are in store for us.
  • I am dying to meet my daughter, but nervous for the transition to two.
  • I am, as always, excited for autumn.  The crisp air, jeans and sweaters, colorful leaves and favorite autumn soups, pies, crisps, muffins, etc.  Apple picking, hay rides, and (out here) apple cider donuts.  "Orchard Day," our family's made-up holiday.  
  • I am SO eager to not be pregnant anymore, possibly ever.  This pregnancy has been rough.
  • I cannot wait to have fun dressing my baby girl and and big boy in autumn outfits.
  • Hoping to still have time and energy to try new recipes!  
With my Little Man.
Our family of - technically - four!
Bring it on, autumn!


  1. Ugh...could your family be more beautiful? Some truly special pictures here...just imagine how stunning that baby girl will be?

  2. Enjoyed reading this and reliving the fun times with our boys! Many more to come in the fall too. And thanks for linking my site - you rock!!!

  3. Grandpa and Nana had a great time too. What could be better than a week on the beach, perfect weather, and family?